Flee from Babylon


This book was born out of a longing that the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ be prepared for His return. God’s Kingdom shall indeed come, yet not before Babylon has fallen.

The restoration of Israel, the Kingdom of God and His New Creation are extensively addressed in this book, as are subjects including: the development of the antichrist within the church; the woman, bearing the name Babylon, who is drunk on blood and her destruction by fire. All the blood of the Jewish people and of genuine believers that has been spilled by Babylon shall be avenged.

In Revelation 18:4 Jesus exhorted believers to get out of Babylon “lest you receive of her plagues”. “Flee from Babylon” seeks to shake everyone out of their sleep, it is a call to remain alert and watchful: The Kingdom of God is at hand… Flee from the midst of Babylon! No passive end time message, it is an active wake-up call encouraging all of His people to “flee from the midst of her”.

God’s plan of restoration and salvation, in which Israel plays a central role, and the glorious future that awaits us, all of this is comprehensively examined in this book.

Author: Wim Verwoerd
294 p.
ISBN : 978-90-818815-1-7


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